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Melanin popping

Ink’s flow never stopping

our pens never capping

we never stop writing

Brainy and nerdy

you can never stop me

him nor them too

‘cus this is massive blacktrib3.

Tall, dark and handsome

our write up a ransom

paid to liberate our people from the chains and prisons

of illiteracy and ignorance

rescue them from a total avoidance of a path so literary

that you’ll think it only exists in our minds

naaa!!! it goes beyond the surface

deep within our hearts and souls

it’s the wind that lets us soar high in the sky

when we believed we could never fly.

so wake up sleepy heads

dummy brains arise and shine

for the day has come

it’s time to take our stand

for we are A Massive Blacktrib3!


So sweet when she comes over

so sweet when her palms open

so sweet when she hugs me

makes my brain to freeze

I begin to seize every psychomotor movement

I lose myself in her embrace

I find myself trapped in her magical trance.

I am a fool

truly a dummy head

for when she is gone

I begin to feel my brain

I begin to think again

I know very well she is not alone

neither am I all she has got

I begin to make decisions

and set up blockades against her enchantments.

But this pretty seductress gets me on my knees

staining my dress

with the blood of my stupidity

all becomes chaff and her presence a raging wind

all blows away and I am back to square one

oh! its my head and my heart and I am caught in the middle

I have been left in a boat without paddle or oar.

This relationship has got me confused

‘cus the ship hasn’t sunk yet.

rather a mutiny

and I have been marooned upon a deserted lone island

wishing I had desserts and maroon5 for company upon this strange land.

I am sad, I am scared

yet I fall each time she stands

I bow as she approaches

oh! my dear life I am sorry for you

I am sorry that I can’t do much for you

I am sorry that you have become a prisoner

whose only crime was to love another.

my dear life I am sorry that I cannot rescue you from what you suffer.

A bold move made by another

A bold move you never were able to make

oh! my life I am sorry

I hope someone comes along and saves us!!!

Here I am

lost in self-adulation

immersed in what totally exists to be me


Here I stand

caught preening myself

trapped in a bird’s house

giving salutations to plumage I have not


Here I lie

shaking my head at  myself

oh! what folly I have bestowed upon me

that I be lied to that I am more handsome than thee

my dear self in a photograph.



The cause of half the crime on our earth

it’s the cause of half the error

the cant of those who know not

to gag the men who know.

greatest of curses

A continuum


no end


Man’s Curse

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I hate the praises that want has got

from the preachers and the poets

my hate for this drowning lack.

to toil, pinch and borrow

breaks the strong man’s heart

crushes his soul.




Crazy as one

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The birth of God

the creation of the cosmos

the death of the planets

and the resurrection of a Gothic phoenix.

The pollution of the atmosphere

the death of trees and animals

the burning of grasses

and the growth of cancers

A manifestation of war upon mankind.

the formation of stars

the migratory sojourn of birds

the cacophony of sounds in the cities

the silent rumble of life in the rurals.

The emancipation of the slave’s mind

and the captivity of the free man’s thoughts,

The correlation of all things that are, that will be,

that have been and that may or never be.

All these…

pillow talk for the crazy

crazy like you and I!



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Something moves quickly

it crosses the wrinkled matter

too fast to be understood

It scurries across the beating pulse

just fast enough to be felt eons after


In the shadow it lurks

scribbling its presence unto the dark walls

hiding from the light

jutting out fleetingly

giving chance for only a peek


Above is the light

or so I thought

shining onto the surface of what seems to feel okay

glimmering, exuding strength and beauty

giving off the scent of grace and grandeur


But deep within something moves

deep beneath the assumed light

lays the darkness of a feeling

yet to be understood for what it truly is

too fast for the brain to know but slow enough for the heart to feel


And so I live in fear

fear of the dark

fear of the unknown

fear of what bug lies beneath

deep down underground.

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I dream of a life after earth

a place birthed out of total divine resplendence

a land of majestic and holy magnificence

a land I so deeply desire to be true and sure for me

but then how can I be sure of this place

when I am not yet sure of the life in the here and now.


Despite the global interconnectedness, people are even more lonely.
Despite the various social media platforms, people find it even more difficult to express those deep feelings that resonate deep within.
Despite all the glow and shine, the smiles are even more fake. Masks covering up the pains borne unseen, the loneliness felt within, the yearning unexpressed.
Truly it’s a global affair.
A global catastrophe!


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